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Early Waking Consultation in the UK

Early Waking Consultation & Support Package


This specialised package is tailored for parents dealing with early waking issues in their otherwise good-sleeping babies and children.

If your little one consistently rises before the sun, disrupting your family's sleep routine, this package offers targeted solutions and support to help you overcome this common and often quite tricky challenge.

Included in the package is a 45-minute video call consultation. During this session, we discuss your child’s sleep patterns and examine all of the relevant factors, such as your timings for both bedtime and naps. I give you expert and personalised advice to address and resolve their early waking behaviour.

While no written sleep plan is provided, my guidance aims to empower and equip you with sensitive and age-appropriate strategies to encourage later mornings for your child.

In addition to the consultation, you'll receive four support emails to be used within a four-week period, so that I can give you ongoing advice as you implement my recommended techniques.

You'll also receive a signed copy of one of my sleep books [according to your child’s age] to further help your understanding of your child's sleep patterns and solutions.

Help your child to wake later in the morning and be well rested with this very good value expert sleep package.

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