Early Waking Consultation in the UK

Early Waking Consultation & Support Package


About this package

The early waking consultation package is for babies and children who sleep well generally but wake up very early in the morning.

It is ideal if your little one consistently rises before the sun, disrupting your family's sleep routine.

Early waking can be difficult to overcome, as most babies and young children are naturally in lighter sleep from around 4 am. However, with a skilled and thoughtful approach most early waking problems can be improved or solved.

When I approach early waking problems, I look at a child’s overall sleep skills, such as how they fall asleep at bedtime and any night waking. Your child may be doing great with falling asleep and sleeping through the night. But if they are waking from 4 am,  there will be a reason for this!

During our online consultation, we discuss in detail their natural sleep patterns and examine all of the things that influence their sleep. We get to the bottom of why they’re waking too early by looking at their wake windows, and other factors. We look at the timings for both bedtime and naps and their nap duration. Their health, development and feeding/eating are also considered if relevant.

I then give you expert and personalised advice to help you address and resolve their early waking behaviour.

The early waking consultation package includes:

  • A 45-minute video call consultation.
  • 4 support emails to be used within a four-week period. This means that I can give you ongoing advice as you implement my recommended techniques.
  • A copy of my Early Waking Course,  to further help your understanding of your child's sleep patterns and solutions.

Help your child to wake later in the morning and be well rested with this very good value expert sleep package.

Please note that there is no written sleep plan with this package.

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