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Welcome to my Gentle Sleep Course!

I understand how sleep problems can affect your baby or child’s health and well-being. A lack of sleep impacts all areas of their [and your] life and causes things like low mood, increased infections, appetite problems and more.

I’ve written and designed The Gentle Sleep Course with a lot of love, care and detail to help them and you get a good night’s sleep.

When you have overcome your baby or child’s sleep difficulties you will enjoy a happier and healthier life.

This very extensive and detailed course is based on my 30+ years of work as a health professional, as well as my first-hand experience as a mum of four.

I cover a huge range of sleep and sleep-related issues and offer you a choice of very safe and loving solutions, to suit your baby's needs and your parenting style. Areas such as sleep environment, schedules, routines, settling techniques and troubleshooting guides are included.

Advice is given on how to prevent sleep difficulties from happening in the future so that their improved nights are protected from the usual regressions that can happen during developmental leaps, illnesses or holidays.

Take a look at The Gentle Sleep course and see how you can transform your child’s sleep and give them the rest they need.

"She slept! I was completely at my wit's end after another few weeks of waking up every 45 minutes/hour so I cannot thank you enough. I will be using the sleep course as my bible from now on! " Olivia W

In the course, you will find.....

A full refund of the course value will be given if:

You have completed the course and done your best to follow all of the advice I have given.

You request your refund within 30 days of purchasing the course.

Just email me at

My course is a mix of videos, easy to read text and graphics

This video is about naps!
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What People Say!

"M is sleeping all night pretty much every night now which is fab. The course has been fantastic and we really could not thank you enough. You’ve changed our sleepless lives and M is now a happy content baby!"
Diana T
"T has been sleeping through the night for the past three weeks and is now happily going to sleep at nap time. It has made a real difference to our lives and we have a really happy smiley baby!"
Julia S
"I love your course because it is truly gentle."
Sue H
"Wow - what a difference a weekend makes!! Last night is the first night since W was born where I didn't need to go in at all. I'm speechless!"
Rebecca O
“I just wanted to send a message to say thank you! In a week, Matilda has gone from waking every hour (minimum!) to only waking up twice last night. I now have such a happy, smiley baby and she has a mummy that is much more able to entertain her in the day!”
Olivia - Mum To Matilda
"Thank you for your LIFE CHANGING sleep course. We are beyond thankful and blown away by how your course has helped us! I honestly feel like a new woman, and find it hard to believe how I managed day to day before this! Nola is also such a much happier baby."
Lauren F

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