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Gentle Sleep Solutions

A practical, authoritative but flexible approach to solving the problem of sleepness nights, designed for parents of babies and infants up to 2 years old.

Available in paperback, Kindle and CD-ROM.

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Reviews from Amazon

  • "I feel it would also be particularly useful for first time parents, as a reassurance and a great reference for any sleep related queries. The manner the book is written is friendly and helpful, and it is easy to just find what you are looking for without reading the whole thing"
  • "This book was a lifesaver"
  • "I can not tell you the difference that first day made, my little boy went from being a cranky little monkey to a happy little soul!"
  • "Amazing. Would highly recommend to anybody."
  • "In the space of six nights, my nine month old went from co-sleeping and feeding every hour to sleeping 11 hours straight in her cot."
  • "This book has made a huge positive difference to my 11 month old daughter's (and my) sleeping. Cry-it-out methods were not for me and previous attempts had been disastrous but the gentle approach to sleep training provided in this book gave quick results way beyond my expectations."
Front cover of Gentle Sleep Solutions