When you are ready to get some help

If you are struggling with your baby’s sleeping, worried that they are not getting enough sleep and becoming exhausted yourself, then you are right to consider getting some help. There is a lot of information on line, in books and from friends and family of course, but some of this can be conflicting and confusing. Baby and child sleep is not an exact science and everyone is different. There could never be one “system” or “method” that suits all. What I know from experience is that if you get to the bottom of why a baby or child is wakeful and then you put in place an approach that addresses that individual’s needs; the end result is a contented, sleeping child and a confident and well rested parent.

A note about postnatal depression

More than one in ten mothers experience post natal depression. Lack of sleep can be a contributing factor. Although getting enough sleep might not completely cure or prevent this depression, it will certainly help. Through my background and training, I can help and support you.

Common sleep problems that I can work with you to resolve

Crying when they go into the cot or bed and fighting sleep

Waking during the night when they have reached the age when they can sleep through

Early morning waking

Baby feeding more in the night than in the day

Only being able to sleep if they are nursed, rocked or have you very close by

Seeming to hate their cot or own bed

Nightmares/Night Terrors/ Bed time fears about being left alone

Difficulty with napping, even when they are exhausted.

Older children’s anxiety around sleeping.

Delayed sleep onset disorders

Managing the sleep needs of siblings [including twins and more] – fear of one waking the other; difficulty in establishing a routine that meets the needs of everyone.

Managing the specific needs of children with developmental delay or medical conditions.

The benefits of my sensitive sleep training

The experience of parenting can be wonderful. 

For many people, however, it can also be exhausting and unnerving, particularly if your child is awake and crying for much of the night.

Successfully tackling a sleep problem can restore your confidence and enable you to enjoy your childs precious infancy.

Well rested children are more likely to be healthy, content, secure and better able to play and learn.

Well rested parents are more likely to enjoy their children and have fun with them. 

Your child is an individual and one formula or approach doesnt suit all.

Just because previous attempts at sleep training have failed, this does not mean that your child cant be helped to sleep.

I will work with you to develop an approach that is both effective and possible for you to implement.