My Sleep Packages

I offer a range of different packages to suit most families' requirements.

Harley St Clinic Consultation Package


Step One - Assessment
You will come and meet me at my clinic in London's Harley St and your consultation will last for up to one hour. In most cases I will ask you to keep a simple sleep diary for a few days prior to our meeting. We will discuss all aspects of your child’s sleep and look at all of the factors which affect it. I will advise you at the time, taking into account your natural parenting style and your child’s temperament. This way I can offer you a solution that is not only effective, but is one that you feel comfortable with.

Step two - Designing your child's sleep plan
By targeting the cause of the difficulty and not just relying on a single wholesale method, such as controlled crying, your sleep plan will be targeted, specific and as gentle as possible. It will also respect your personal approach to parenting. Because each child and family are different, the advice that I offer you will be designed and tailor made especially for you. Most important of all, your sleep plan will be effective.

Step three - Implementation and support
After our consultation and receiving your written sleep plan, you will feel confident in tackling your child's sleep problem. To support you, I will offer you twice weekly telephone support for four weeks after you make a start. That is eight follow up calls. In addition to this, you can email for advice as often as you need to within your four week follow up period. The majority of sleep problems are resolved within two weeks, and often much quicker.

With the exception of the One Off Consultation, all of the above packages come with a complimentary copy of my book - Andrea Grace’s Gentle Sleep Solutions. [RRP £10.99]

There is a 10% discount on full packages for returning families. [This does not include the Younger Baby Consultation Package.]

There is no additional charge for siblings or twins. The above charges are per family, not per child.

Telephone/Skype/FaceTime Consultation Package

£295 [£325 after 6pm]

This is exactly the same as the above, except that it is done in the comfort of your own home, at a time to suit you. This package is just as effective in terms of success of outcome as the clinic consultation package.

One Off Consultation

£150 [£180 after 6pm]

With this excellent value package, you will receive a telephone/Skype or Face time appointment of up to one hour and a specially designed written sleep plan for your baby or child. If you need to speak with me as you implement your plan, you can buy in additional telephone support at £150 per hour [£25 per 10 min.]

Younger Baby Consultation Package


A half an hour Telephone/Skype/Face time appointment, with up to 4 weeks of follow up support; this little package is designed for babies who are under 5 months old. They may not yet be ready to sleep through the night but if they are waking frequently and are restless, unsettled and struggling with their day time naps, I will advise you. As a qualified and registered Health Visitor, I can advise you about their feeding, weight gain and health too. After speaking with me, you are entitled to email me for advice up to 4 times within a 4 week follow up period.