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About this package

The private online sleep consultation is highly effective and provides you with expert personalised guidance.  It includes a sleep plan tailored to your child's individual needs.

Whether you're concerned about daytime naps, nighttime sleep, feeding routines, early waking or health worries, I can help you and your child achieve a restful night's sleep.

This package is also suited to the needs of older children and teenagers. As they grow up, children can face big sleep challenges.  These include anxiety about falling asleep alone, falling asleep too late, or being awake all night.

Babies, toddlers, children and teenagers all need a kind and understanding approach to their sleep problems. They need solutions which are effecting, encouraging and supportive of their emotional and mental health.

Before our consultation, I send you a sleep assessment form so that you can tell me your concerns in advance. I also send you a sleep diary, to help me prepare and make sure that your child's sleep needs are thoroughly understood and addressed.

During the appointment, I take a holistic approach and we discuss all aspects of their sleep. We look at the factors that influence their sleep, such as their feeding/eating, routines, timings and wake windows.

Following our session, you'll receive a personalised and detailed sleep plan. This is designed to address your specific concerns and guide you towards healthier and happier sleep habits. In addition, if your child is over 5 years old, they will receive a simple sleep plan of their own.

The Private Online Consultation includes:

A one-hour video call consultation where we discuss in detail your child's sleep patterns and look at effective strategies for improvement.

If your child is 6-18 months old, a 50% discount for my Gentle Sleep Course.

The opportunity to purchase extra help if you need it. Choose from telephone support at £150 per hour (£25 per 10 minutes) or email support at £25 per email.

Help your family's well-being and enjoy peaceful nights with this expert sleep package.

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