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Private Online Consultation & Support Package


This very comprehensive sleep package includes a generous amount of follow-up support, to transform your nights and enable you and your child to get the sleep you need.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or uncertain, I can guide you with expertise and kindness, through the process of getting a good night’s sleep.

Included in this package is a one-hour video call consultation covering all aspects of your child's sleep, including daytime naps, nighttime routines, feeding patterns, and any health issues.

Designed for infants over 6 months and children up to 18 years,  this package is tailored to address even the most complicated sleep challenges.

For babies, in addition to nighttime sleep, we address daytime naps, feeding, health concerns and their development.

With older children, we look at the sleep challenges they are facing, such as anxiety about falling asleep alone, falling asleep too late, or being awake all night.

Before our consultation, I send you a sleep assessment form and a sleep diary, to help me understand your concerns and your child's sleep patterns and ensure that my guidance is as precise and effective as possible.

During the one-hour online consultation, we discuss all the aspects of your child's sleep and I advise you on how to manage and improve things. If your child is old enough, I give them some guidance and exercises of their own, to help them relax, reduce any anxiety and improve their sleep.

After the consultation, you will receive a detailed and thorough sleep plan, designed specifically for your child.

You then have four weeks of dedicated follow-up support, which comprises two support review telephone or Zoom calls of up to 30 minutes each week. You also have unlimited email support [weekdays] throughout the follow-up period, giving you peace of mind and help whenever you need it.

In addition to your sleep plan, you will receive a signed copy of either my baby sleep book if your child is under 18 months or my toddler sleep book if your child is under 5.

If your child is 6-18 months old, you have free access to my Gentle Sleep Course and if your child is over 5, they receive an age-appropriate sleep plan of their own.

Build your confidence and enjoy calm days and restful nights with this very supportive sleep package.

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