What to do if your new baby cries all the time

It is completely normal for a baby to cry a fair bit in the early weeks. The crying tends to start around 2 weeks, peak at about 2 months and then gradually get better. There is no doubt about it that listening to your baby cry is very tough, but try to remember that it is a normal phase and it will get better.


Here are some coping tips:

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Cuddle your baby – Don’t ever think that you will be “spoiling” them with cuddles.

Get a comfortable baby carrier or sling if your baby wants constant contact with you.

Try swaddling – babies often like the feeling of security.

Try pushing them in the pram or jiggling the Moses basket -movement often helps.

Singing or humming softly in their ear can help to soothe and calm.

Feed your baby – There’s nothing wrong with comfort feeding a baby, but if they are crying because of tummy ache or reflux pain, a feed might not be the best answer.

Sucking – a dummy or your finger may help.

Try to remember that your baby is not crying on purpose. If you find yourself getting upset or angry; place them in a safe place then walk away.

Take deep breaths. Count slowly to ten.

Have a cry yourself if you need one. When you feel calm again, you can return. Try not to pick your baby up if you are feeling angry. Don’t ever shake them.

Call a friend – talk about your feelings and get some emotional support.

Allow/ask others to comfort your baby and try not to feel undermined if they succeed. Sometimes it is just the change of scene that helps.

If you are really struggling to cope with your baby’s crying, you are not alone and you should not be afraid to seek expert help. Try: