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Younger Baby Consultation & Support Package


About this package

The younger baby sleep consultation is tailored for babies up to 6 months. It gives you expert guidance on how to help your baby reach their full sleep potential.

It is normal for babies to wake during the night but after the first few weeks. Then they usually begin to sleep for longer stretches. If your baby is still waking up as much or even more than when they were newborn, you might want some help.

There is always a reason why babies sleep doesn’t improve as they get bigger. I help you identify what’s going on with your baby’s sleep, taking into account their feeding, development and any health problems, such as reflux.

We also look at nap schedules, wake windows and other ways to to make your baby feel more rested and content.

As a qualified nurse and health visitor, you can trust my advice. I am also a qualified mental health nurse and if you’re struggling with your emotions I can help. It’s just as important that you get a good night’s sleep as it is for your baby.

Early help with your baby's sleep routine can often prevent future issues and regressions as they grow.

The younger baby sleep consultation package includes:

- A 45-minute video call consultation, addressing nighttime sleep, daytime naps, feeding, and health concerns

  • Expert advice tailored to your specific situation, aimed at unlocking your baby's full sleep potential.
  • Four follow-up emails for ongoing support and advice within a four-week timeframe
  • A complimentary signed copy of my book.
  • The flexibility to purchase additional support services if required

- Before your consultation, I send you a sleep assessment form, with space for you to tell me in advance about your concerns

Help your baby to reach their full sleep potential and improve your own quality of sleep with this expert consultation package.

Please note that there is no written sleep plan with this package.

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