About Me

25 years ago, as a young health visitor in London, I set up a sleep support clinic.

Back then, the advice was to leave babies to cry themselves to sleep. As a mother of very young children myself, I knew that this is completely against the very nature of our instinct to love, cherish and nurture our children

All these years later, we understand so much more about the science behind how babies and children sleep, and through my own expanding knowledge and expertise, I have been able to help literally thousands of families to get a good night’s sleep.

One of the things that I know for sure is that all healthy babies are capable of sleeping through the night by six months old, and often before. Most babies will effortlessly learn how to sleep when they are ready, but others need a guiding hand.

Helping your baby to learn how to sleep is not a selfish act on your part. Sleep is very important for their health, development and happiness. I want to reassure you that it is possible to teach a baby or child how to sleep well without making them feel rejected or causing them emotional harm.

My Approach


My approach to sleep problems is designed for parents who want their babies and children to sleep well but do not want them to be distressed or harmed by the process. Some sleep training methods can be very harsh, often involving leaving little ones to cry alone for long periods of time. I believe that sleep training doesn’t have to be traumatic and that babies and children need to feel secure, safe and happy in order to sleep well. ​


My methods are completely child centred. It is so important to address and respect the individuality of each child and look at them as a whole person. By considering their age, stage of development, feeding, health and temperament [to name just a few sleep influencing factors] I can really get to the bottom of why a child is having sleep problems. And by targeting the causes, it is possible to avoid clumsy and harsh sleep training methods.


My advice is science based and delivered to you in a kind and supportive manner. I can advise you safely, sensibly and effectively about your child’s sleep – even if your child has feeding difficulties, reflux, allergies and other health or developmental issues.

My Qualifications and Experience

  • Registered General Nurse – Scarborough Hospital
  • Registered Mental Health Nurse – The Maudsley & Bethlem Hospitals, London
  • Registered Health Visitor – [Post Graduate Diploma in Health Visiting] London Southbank University
  • Member of the British Sleep Society
  • Mother of 4!

I am a trained and registered nurse and health visitor. In addition, I have undergone specialist training at Southampton Children’s Hospital’s famous sleep department. 

As a condition of my continued registration and as a commitment to the families that I work with, I am up to date with all research on infant and child sleeping.

I have worked in the field of child health and family support for 25 years and during this time I have helped thousands of families to overcome their children’s sleep problems.

I work with families from the UK and all over the world. If you can’t come and see me in my London clinic, we can just as easily and successfully work with one another via Zoom, Skype, Face Time etc.

My work is recognised by leading paediatricians, child psychologists and health journalists.

“Andrea’s approach is gentle and well researched and her results have been excellent.  She has been very well received by parents who have benefited from her knowledge and experience. I particularly like the controlled stepwise approach and individually tailored programmes she implements to promote good sleeping habits.” 

Dr. Ian Hay – Consultant Paediatrician, The Portland Hospital, London.


What People Say

“My name is Maryiam I am a GP based in London. I approached Andrea desperate for help with a 14month baby who was still co-sleeping and feeding pretty much through the night and waking about 4-5 times every night. It was affecting my mood, energy levels and productivity at work. I had heard about sleep training but was slightly hesitant as I did not want to make my baby ‘cry it out’.

Andrea’s approach was very gentle and personalised to my baby taking into account his medical history, weight and feeding habits. In our initial meeting Andrea asked me what I wanted to achieve and I told her I wanted my baby to fall asleep in the cot independently. A few days of following Andrea’s instructions closely and we now have a happier baby who is sleeping through the night (in his own cot!)

My only regret is not contacting Andrea sooner. I would without hesitation refer anyone to Andrea for sleep training and support.”

“Andrea has transformed our lives, she is amazing, a sleep guru, and my new best friend!! 

Our 6 month old went from only feeding-to-sleep, waking several times a night for feeds, and sleeping on me, to a baby who self-settles to sleep in his cot, and sleeps for 11 hours uninterrupted through the night. I followed Andrea’s advice and personalised plan fastidiously, and saw results immediately. I trusted Andrea and the results spoke for themselves from the very start. 

Andrea has been so supportive, always available for reassurance and advice, and I would recommend her unconditionally. Thank you for revolutionising our lives, you are simply brilliant!”

“I went to Andrea when DS was 6 months and I was collapsing with tiredness. Since we finished our month with her, DS has slept through EVERY NIGHT.”

“I can’t recommend Andrea Grace highly enough – she had our son’s sleep sorted out within a couple of days and was so kind, supportive and wise. Best money we’ve ever spent. I only wish we’d gone to her sooner.”