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I hope that the following articles and videos will help to build your confidence in helping your child sleep well.


Early Waking Advice

It is normal for babies and young children to wake from time to time during the night, and their sleep is more fragile and broken from about 4 am onwards. ...

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Reflux & Sleep

Managing sleep for babies with reflux can be challenging. Reflux is a condition that is most common in the first six months to one year of life. What we call ...

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Baby Sleep – Teething

It so often happens that just when a baby starts to sleep through the night, their sleep gets disrupted by teething. If your baby has teething pain during the ...


Sleep and Your Autistic Child

About two-thirds of autistic children have problems with sleeping. If your toddler or child is autistic, you might experience difficulty in establishing a regu ...


My YouTube videos have lots more sleep advice

Baby Sleep when they are poorly

Helping your toddler to sleep in their own bed when a new baby is on the way

Coping with baby sleep in the first few weeks

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Managing Baby Sleep at Weddings and Parties

Getting rid of the dummy

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