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A very effective and understanding approach to your family's sleep problems

"If you're uncomfortable with the idea of letting your baby cry uncomforted, but really need a good night's sleep, then Andrea is for you."
Lady Sophie Windsor
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I offer a personal and tailor made approach, which addresses the specific reasons for each child's sleeplessness. Although my solutions are gentle, they are highly effective and safe even for those who have health problems or learning differences.

As a trained health visitor and nurse, I am able to take a broad view of your baby's sleep needs, looking at their development, feeding, health and temperament. As a mother of four, I know how awful it feels when your child is awake all night but also how wonderful it feels to greet them in the morning when everyone has had a good night's sleep.

The way in which I work draws on my many years of professional experience, the latest research and my respect for your unique ability as a parent.

10 point plan for a good night's sleep


Family Lockdown Sleep Survival Guide

Even during normal times, helping children to get to sleep at night and wake up at a reasonable time in the morning can be a challenge. Around two thirds of children don’t get enough sleep, and during these difficult times, that number could be more. If you’re worried about the sleepless nights in your family, here are some tips to help.

Sleep Tutorial videos

Introducing Andrea

Gentle Sleep Solutions

Designed for the very many parents of babies with sleeping difficulties, this is a practical, solution-focused and objective guide to helping your baby get the rest they need.

Case Studies

Harry, 3 and a half years

Harry found it very difficult to go to sleep at the beginning of the night without a parent lying with him. Although the family followed an excellent bedtime routine, the whole process from start to sleep took about 2 hours.

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